Review of the Triple Crown Online Slot Game

There are certain slot machines that need you to read the manual in order to grasp how they work, while others are designed to be as user-friendly as possible. The Triple Crown slot machine from Betsoft is a proud member of the latter group, providing you with an online slot experience that is comparable to what you may have experienced in the past at your local land-based casino. Even though Triple Clown only has a 3-reel screen and a single payline that is always active, it nevertheless has the potential to provide you with some pretty impressive winnings when you play it at a casino that accepts real money bets—up to 5,000 coins each spin, to be exact.

The fact that the slot machine flawlessly imitates the experience of playing on an older mechanical device will appeal to conventional gamblers, and the fact that it does not provide any other extra features beyond its unique three-coins award will also appeal to these players. Check out our in-depth evaluation of the Triple Crown slot machine below if you’re interested in playing classic casino games to find out more information about this game.

How to Play the Online Slot Machine Triple Crown

Because of its ease of use, the slot machine game Triple Crown, developed by BetSoft, is an excellent choice for beginners. To begin playing this game, you will first need to choose the value of your coins using the clickable coin control, much like you would on an old-fashioned coin-operated machine. After you have done so, all you have to do is press the “bet one” button to insert one, two, or three coins every round, and then click the spin control to start earning real money. The smallest bet per spin is 0.01 credits, and the maximum bet per spin is 3 credits. If you play all of your coins, the maximum bet per spin is increased to 3 credits.

Because there is just one payline that is set, it is quite simple to keep track of how much money you have won while playing this game, which is one of the game’s distinctive features. You’ll be able to check the paytable whenever you want if you play this Betsoft slot machine in “wide” view, since the awards will be presented at the very top of the screen in that mode. Alternatively, you may play the game in “normal” format. The rewards are always shown in coins, and they are divided into three distinct areas, each of which may be accessed by increasing the number of coins wagered every round. If you play with the minimal wager, the most coins you may win are between two and one thousand. However, if you play with three coins every round, you will have a chance at winning the 5,000 dollar jackpot!

Unfortunately, the Triple Crown slot machine, along with the vast majority of older slot machines that are still operational online, is not compatible with mobile devices running Android or iOS. While other of BetSoft’s earlier works have been updated with a version that is compatible with mobile devices, the Triple Crown game has been maintained only as a Flash game at the top online slots sites.

Free Spins and Other Features of the Triple Crown

BetSoft’s Triple Crown is a slot machine with a gameplay that is as traditional as it gets. After each spin that you play on the slot machine, it will prompt you to utilize the “bet one” function once again to put a coin and consider whether or not you would want to raise your stake in order to win more. Naturally, the payouts rise correspondingly as the number of coins wagered every spin increases, giving you the opportunity to get twice or even three times as much money as you would with the smallest wager.

The majority of the time, in order to win a payout, you will need to line up three of the identical symbols on the middle payline of the slot machine. If you are playing with the minimal stake, the icons that pay out the most are the triple BARS, the temples, and the crowns. When you land three of these symbols in a winning combination, you will get the following payouts: 20, 250, and 1,000 coins, respectively. You may also earn consolation prizes by collecting only one or two lamp icons or by collecting a mixed set of any BAR symbols. This is in addition to the main way that you can win rewards.

When you play with three coins every round, you are eligible for the unique reward that is awarded by the crown symbols. This is the only free bet casino that is provided. A combination of three of these symbols on the maximum bet will not pay a top reward that is merely three times higher; rather, it will pay a jackpot of 5,000 coins; this payout is five times larger than the biggest payment you may earn on a minimal wager.

Online Slots Like Triple Crown Verdict and Others Like It

Triple Crown by BetSoft is one of the most straightforward slot games that can be played online, and as a result, it is most likely to appeal to veteran gamers as well as gamblers who are exploring the genre for the first time. It is a game of medium volatility that gives you the opportunity to win a broad variety of payments, ranging from meager returns of two coins to winnings as high as five thousand coins for each spin, even if you are only required to wager a few pennies at a time to participate. If the game’s low hit rate is any indication, greater rewards won’t be out of reach when you play for real cash; nevertheless, it will take some patience to score a win that can be considered a legitimate victory. You should use a casino that accepts real money if you want to play a basic slot game. However, you should only do so if you are comfortable playing on a desktop computer or a laptop.

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